App & Web Development

Custom Desktop & Mobile Apps

XcodeI’ve done a great deal of custom software development for a diverse group of regional businesses, ranging from vehicle service management tools to manufacturing quality tracking systems, and all things in between. If you have needs that go beyond what can be easily done in Excel or with other off-the-shelf software, I can help.

Also, if you’re looking for someone to create an iPhone or iPad app for your organization, get in touch.

Websites & Apps

CSSI am also able to help you with all of your web design and development needs. If you need a new (or updated) website or web app, built in compliance with the latest standards and responsively designed to work well on the latest mobile devices, contact me.

I will not tie your web project in to my own choice of web hosting providers, and I will not build your site or app in any proprietary content management system that would prevent you from maintaining it yourself — or letting another developer work on it in the future. All hosting and framework choices will be made in complete, transparent consultation with you, with the goal being the delivery of your website.